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Nikifor Seliverstov

Altis Life Police Skins Download

I'm encountering a problem with signing addons. I've got a dedicated server which runs Arma 3 Altis life. I wanted to add some skins/mods so I went to armaholic and downloaded some like max police mod and c130...

altis life police skins download

Altis Life , the police and civilian role-playing server mod for Arma 3. Rather than engage in multiplayer warfare, players engage in, virtual life. If you're playing a civilian, you buy a car, get a job, and collect a paycheck. If you're a cop, you police the civilians and enforce the law. The laws that include the requirement to have a proper license to operate vehicles such as helicopters, boats, and cars. Civilians can break the laws and take part in illegal activity's such as drug dealing or robbing citizens.

This is the weekend when Arma 3 was downloadable on Steam for free, as a trial for new players. The influx of 'hobos' put medical and police teams on high alert. Hank is unambiguous about what goes on during a free weekend.

We decide to go for a ride in the air ambulance. Hank's role as a troublemaker does sometimes bleed into his life as a doctor. Even as a medic he cannot help confounding the police. He says: "Let's go and wind the cops up a little bit then." He lands on the helipad at their headquarters. He says the police do not like this because of how strict and serious they are. "It pisses them off. We're allowed to do it, but they still don't like it."

He is not the only medic who the police get cross with. The relationship between cops and docs on the server is complicated by the fact that a lot of the other medics, like Hank, live a double life as rebels, while the cops are prohibited from doing so. In Hank's words, all the medics are also full metal terrorists."

It is important that he does not get into too much trouble. While he is in his doctor form, the bounty of "Rebel Hank" is sealed within his other role. He can't be arrested by the police for anything he did in his other life, no matter how frustrated they get with his wind-ups.


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