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No Man's Sky is a sci-fi adventure game that lets you explore a vast and procedurally generated universe. You can discover new planets, lifeforms, and secrets, as well as trade, fight, and survive in a hostile galaxy.


In July 2018, the game received a major update called NEXT, which added many new features and improvements, such as multiplayer, base building, character customization, third-person perspective, and graphical enhancements. The update was free for all existing players and also launched on Xbox One for the first time.

The PC version of the game was cracked by a group called CODEX, who released a full ISO file and an update patch. The crack bypassed the Steam protection and allowed players to play the game offline or online with other cracked users. The crack also included the previous updates and DLCs of the game.

The crack was widely shared on torrent sites and file hosting services, attracting many players who wanted to try the game without buying it. However, some players reported issues with the crack, such as crashes, bugs, missing features, or corrupted saves. Some players also faced ethical dilemmas about pirating a game that was constantly updated and supported by the developers.

The crack was also criticized by some fans of the game, who argued that it harmed the sales and reputation of the game, as well as the community and multiplayer experience. They urged players to buy the game legally and support the developers, who had worked hard to improve the game after a disappointing launch in 2016.

No Man's Sky: NEXT is still available on Steam for $59.99 USD, or on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $49.99 USD. The game has received positive reviews from critics and players alike, who praised the update for its depth, variety, and creativity. The game has also received several more updates since NEXT, such as The Abyss, Visions, Beyond, Synthesis, Living Ship, Exo Mech, Desolation, Origins, Next Generation, Companions, Expeditions, Prisms, and Frontiers. Each update added new content and features to the game, making it one of the most ambitious and evolving games ever made.


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