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Rugby Challenge 4 Switch NSP [Update] (eShop) Fix

After Jet wishes Luigi and Tails luck on their mission, the two go around to find someone with more passes so that they can get into more venues. On the search, they go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, where they happen to find Donkey Kong, who explains that he is there because he wants to see the view from the top of the government building, but that Metal Sonic and a group of Egg Pawns are in the way. After Luigi asks him if he has an entry pass, he reveals that he has a pass for Makuhari Messe Hall B, and when he asks why it is needed, Luigi explains the situation to him. Tails strikes a deal with Donkey Kong that he and Luigi will deal with the robots and, in return, Donkey Kong will give him the pass, and Donkey Kong accepts. Fulfilling his promise, Luigi uses his rugby skills to deal with the Egg Pawns on the ground and strike Metal Sonic, who is flying in the air above the building. After Luigi deals with them, Donkey Kong happily gives the two heroes his pass as he promised, and he also decides to join them because he thinks that watching them compete in events will be fun, deciding to go to the observatory later. The group goes to Makuhari Messe Hall B, where they find another Koopaling, Ludwig, who has been told by Larry that Luigi and Tails stole the Magikoopa's battery from Larry, so he has a grudge against them. Tails explains the truth to Ludwig, and Luigi brings out the Excitement Battery to show him, an action Ludwig uses as an opportunity to steal it from them and throw it to Wendy, who successfully catches it. The two Koopalings keep the battery for themselves to give back to Larry, until Ludwig gets the idea to have a competition for the battery, stating that whoever wins gets to be the owner of it. Waluigi accepts Ludwig's challenge, wanting to compete in order to obtain both the Excitement Battery and a gold medal. Ludwig likes Waluigi's attitude, and the two of them go against each other in Fencing. However, just like Wendy and Larry before him, Ludwig ends up losing the match. While Wendy is belittling her older brother, she takes out the battery. The battery begins glowing, which scares her, causing her to accidentally throw it in the air. Luigi catches the battery, and it charges up even more. After learning how the battery works from Tails, the two Koopalings let Luigi and Tails keep it since Wendy does not want to do work while Ludwig does not want to get involved in anything that he considers weird, and they both leave.

Rugby Challenge 4 Switch NSP [Update] (eShop)



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