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Zeus Botnet Free 1: How to Infect and Control Computers with the Trojan

Prevention is better than cure; it is advisable to practice safe Internet habits. It is the first and foremost thing for staying safe from any malware attacks including Zeus malware infiltrations.Avoid visiting unknown and suspicious sites. You should avoid sites which host adult content, illegal downloads or illegal free software as they may side-load malicious software onto your computer. Avoid clicking on social media messages or links in spam emails. Be cautious when opening e-mails or attachments from unknown sources. Back up your files on a regular basis to avoid data loss at times of infection.

download zeus botnet free 1

Typically, the Trojan horse is hidden in an innocent-looking email attachment or free download. When the user clicks on the email attachment or downloads the free program, the malware hidden inside is transferred to the user's computing device. Once inside, the malicious code can execute whatever task the attacker designed it to carry out.

The Gameover ZeuS botnet operators distribute both Pony Loader and the Upatre downloader through spam emails sent by the Cutwail botnet. Many lures have used social engineering techniques by impersonating financial institutions and government agencies to trick a victim into executing the malware. The spam emails have an embedded malware executable in a ZIP attachment, so user interaction is required to infect the system. Figure 2 shows an example spam email containing the Upatre downloader as an attachment.

The operators of Gameover ZeuS regularly update their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP). Their latest move appears to complicate signature-based network detection for their malware downloaders by using compromised websites and SSL. The prolonged use of the Cutwail spam botnet for attracting new victims indicates that these campaigns continue to be effective. The CTU research team advises organizations to remain vigilant and to deploy a defense-in-depth strategy that includes the following components:

In this dataset we use Zeus, which is a Trojan horse malware package that runs on versions of Microsoft Windows. While it can be used to carry out many malicious and criminal tasks, it is often used to steal banking information by man-in-the-browser keystroke logging and form grabbing. It is also used to install the Crypto-Locker ransomware. Zeus is spread mainly through drive-by downloads and phishing schemes. Also, as a complement we use Ares botnet which is an open source botnet and has the following capabilities:

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One way to prevent a computer from becoming part of a botnet that is often forgotten, is the use of a web filtering solution. A web filter, such as WebTitan, will prevent malware and ransomware downloads and block access to malicious websites sent via email or through web browsing.


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